A Freediver's Odyssey

Join us on an exhilarating voyage as we explore the extraordinary world of freediving with Gary McGrath. Discover how this British National Record holder reached -112 meters on a single breath, leaving spectators in awe at Vertical Blue, the Wimbledon of freediving. But it's not just records; it's resilience. Dive deep into Gary's incredible journey, his battle with COVID-19, and the mental strength athletes need. Learn from his 15-year freediving philosophy, and gain exclusive training insights.

Pursue Your Passion

Meet the German Machine, Stefan Randig. In our conversation with him, we discussed the challenges of balancing family life with the rigorous demands of being a competitive diver and elite athlete, and the necessary level of self-centeredness required for success in athletics. Tune in to hear more about Stefan's journey and how his experience can inspire passionate freedivers.

You Only Live Once

If you could count on both hands all the friends you had lost doing the sport you also love, would you continue doing it? What do para alpinism, wingsuit base jumping & rock climbing have in common with freediving? How does it feel diving under an iceberg in Greenland? Tim Emmett knows.

Relationships, Selfishness & Being A Mother

Can you have a balanced life if you are traveling, for training & competitions, a lot during the year? How does having children impact a freediving career? Is it doable? How does that affect one emotionally? Are we just selfish and simply don't want to acknowledge the fact?

Sex, Self Love And Freediving

Does having sex the night before a freediving competition help to increase one's performance? Why does self-love have a positive impact on a freediver's career? Dear listener, be advised that there is some questionable language and topics in this podcast.

Fear Of Loss

What does fear mean to you? Can you overcome it? Would you continue to freedive if you had witnessed your friends come back to life, even though you thought they were almost dead?

Full Time Freediver

Can you turn your life around? Can you step out of your comfort zone? Can you quit a well-paid, secure corporate job, move halfway across the world and become a full-time freediver? Most people won't, but that's exactly what Carlos Diezel did. This is his story.

Why The F**k Go Deep?

"When I start a dive, I'm ready to die", that's what Harry Chamas told us. Having spent a good portion of his life freediving to extreme depths, he has now come to terms with himself. Did we mention he has also experimented with magic mushrooms while underwater?