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Freediving And Spearfishing Awesomeness

From the Gulf of Mexico to Azores and from Bonaire to Bali, here are the week's 7 best photos!David Ochoa Israel Gil Apnea BaliEric HsiuyiShaffan RasheedJavier Gil Manini Photography See More Of Our Favorite Photos Enter BlueCheck Out The Top 7Here's The Top 7Who Has Made It To The Top 7?Our Top 7 Photos Of The Week

S For Shaffan

There is a Greek poem that says "The sea is like love. Thousands can fall in it, but someone will eventually pay the price". Yesterday's events hurt us in an unimaginable way. A colleague, a friend, a team member passed away. Shaffan Rasheed was the first non-Greek person to join the Alchemy Spearfishing Team. He died by doing what he loved best; hunting fish while holding his breath.Shaffan was a great guy with a permanent big smile on his face, always eager to learn and help, a firefighter, a knowledgable and experienced spearo. May he be the last brother we lose at sea. He will be dearly missed and never forgotten.

New Podcast With Helena Bourdillon

Helena Bourdillon just did a new podcast on the Outrageous Impact Show. Listen now and find out how it feels being 76 meters below the surface of water, the lessons that freediving taught her and how she uses those teachings in her everyday life. Click To Listen Want To Know More About Helena? Read More Articles About Helena Bourdillon:  Breathe Better, Dive Safer How Important Is Mental Health In Freediving How Did The Alchemy Freediving Team Do? A Modern Ode To FreedivingThe Alchemy PROs Were Tested By The Pros A Truly Strong Freediving Woman Enter Raja Ampat

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