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We are alchemy

We're a company in Athens, Greece, developing hi-end carbon freediving & spearfishing equipment.
We take pride in delivering only the best!

Our Work

From idea to launch. We're experts at composite materials, design & manufacturing.
Here's some of our work.

V2HS Carbon Fiber Fins

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V3 Carbon Fiber Fins

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Spearfishing videos

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V2HS Fins Action Review

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100% Silicone Weight Belts

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Sponsored Athletes

Our sponsored athletes family, making us proud all the way!

  • Linda Paganelli

    Athlete - Freediver

    Multiple Italian freediving records holder, SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer

  • Kostas Makris

    Athlete - Spearo

    Member of the Greek National Spearfishing Team, winner of one bronze and one silver medal, multiple cups winner in domestic spearfishing competitions

  • Ryuzo Shinomiya

    Athlete - Freediver

    Winner of silver medal in AIDA WC, 35 times Asian freediving record holder, AIDA Instructor, AIDA Judge

  • Tomoka Fukuda

    Athlete - Freediver

    Gold medal winner in AIDA Team WC

  • Annelie Pompe

    Athlete - Freediver

    Former world record -126m VWT, freediving instructor & award winning underwater photographer

  • Jonathan Sunnex

    Athlete - Freediver

    2012/2013 Depth No.3, Medal Winner 2013 Depth WC's, AIDA Instructor Trainer

  • Iru Balic

    Athlete - Freediver

    13 national records, 1st world ranking CWT 2013, AIDA Instructor, PADI Instructor, DAN Instructor

  • Carlos Coste

    Athlete - Freediver

    11 times World Record Freediver, first human below 100m in FIM and CWT, Instructor Trainer

  • Sofía Gómez Uribe

    Athlete - Freediver

    PanAmerican champion, 26 times national record holder

  • Karla Mendez

    Athlete - Freediver

    Jump Blue WR, 4 CMAS WC medals, multiple Panamerican & Venezuelan records, AIDA/PADI instructor

  • Anna Wang

    Athlete - Freediver

  • Arnaud Jerald

    Athlete - Freediver

    Born in 1996, French Championship winner July 2017, Bi-fins NR -83m, Monofin PB -105m

Official Distributors

We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.


    Exclusive distributor for S.Korea & Philippines
    Contact person: Mr. YG Hwang


    Exclusive distributor for U.S.A.
    Contact person: Mr. Oliver Haroun


    Exclusive distributor for China
    Contact person: Ms. Monia Yang


    Exclusive distributor/retailer for Greece
    Contact person: Mr. Aggelos Koutsouris

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Friends & Partners

We're a small, friendly, talented team and our friends and partners
deliver world class help to everything we do!

  • Nicholas Kouvaras

    Freediver, spearo, photographer

    CMAS 3* Instructor Trainer, Professional Photographer, Honorary president of AIDA Hellas

  • Jacques De Vos

    Freediver, photographer

    SSI Inst. Trainer & AIDA Instructor/Judge, Professional Freediver, Photographer & Cameraman

  • Daan Verhoeven

    Freediver, photographer

    SSI & PADI Instructor, AIDA Instructor/Judge, Freediving photographer & cameraman

Alchemy Corporate

Alchemy under the hood. Everything you want to know.

In 2006, Dimitris Pantazis designed and manufactured his first pair of carbon fibre fins with one dream and purpose in mind, to share his passion for the sea and diving with the rest of the world. At its birth, in early 2010, alchemy was just one small constructions lab in Ano Liosia, Athens, but now, only some years later, the Greek based company dominates the freediving and spearfishing world being at the forefront of new and innovative dive technologies.

Guided by this principle, alchemy has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art freediving and spearfishing equipment. The constant investment in innovation, the unceasing, patient research in the field of manufacturing, new materials and processes, combined with our expertise on composites and a creative, professional approach grants alchemy its leading position and makes our brand a synonym of quality, safety, reliability and hi-end products. The best of alchemy is wrapped up in every product to meet the needs of each single diver. Enjoy freediving and spearfishing with supreme performance through hi-end technology, this is our mission!

Alchemy guarantees, to the original purchase only, that an alchemy product purchased from any Authorized alchemy Reseller worldwide will be free of defects in material or workmanship under normal recreational diving use. The alchemy product warranty may differ for each piece of equipment and may differ by model year. Usually it is limited to a period of 2 years from the date of consumer’s purchase of the product unless otherwise specified (e.g. carbon fibre fins warranty is 5 years from manufacturing date). This date must be verified by a valid sales document (tax receipt or sales receipt). For some categories and countries extended warranty policies not described herein may be applicable. Warranty claims are only accepted upon return of the defective complete product with the warranty certificate completed in full and signed by the Authorized alchemy reseller, and accompanied by a valid sales document (tax receipt or sales receipt) showing the date of purchase. Alchemy reserves the right to refuse free service if the required documentation cannot be provided or if information is incomplete, illegible, or incorrect.

Warranty claims have to be submitted to alchemy or to the authorized alchemy products reseller where the product was purchased within two months from detection. The authorized reseller will deliver the product to alchemy. If the product had been purchased within the Warranty Period, as evidenced by the documentation requested above, and proves to be defective for any reason (other than those listed in the limitations) alchemy will repair or replace the defect product at its own discretion at no charge with the exception of shipping costs to alchemy which is the sole responsibility of the consumer. Alchemy reserves the right to replace the claimed product with a similar product of comparable value in case of unavailability of the defect product. All parts of the product or the product that alchemy has replaced shall become the property of alchemy. Any repaired or replaced product (or part) extends the original warranty beyond the period of 2 years for another similar period from original date of repair / replacement. If the product is found not to be covered by the terms and conditions of this warranty, alchemy reserves the right to charge a handling fee. In case the alchemy product was purchased abroad the regional alchemy distributor of your home country will render the respective warranty service. Please note that the regional alchemy distributor / reseller is entitled to charge handling fees and all other freight and duty expenses related to a warranty claim for purchases made abroad. Alchemy will refuse warranty service if the product was NOT purchased directly from us or from an Authorized Alchemy Reseller / dealer as listed in this page.

(Unless other specified in the sole warranty document of the product)

Only defects or damages resulting from a failure in material or workmanship are covered by the alchemy warranty program. Other defects or damages, in particular those listed below, are not covered by our warranty: Defects or damage caused by normal use and wear, defects or damage caused by heavy, unusual, or incorrect use, or use under abnormal conditions (blows, jerks, falls, bumps, etc.), defects or damages caused by lack of or incorrect maintenance or through negligence, defects or damages known or evident at the time of purchase of the product, clear defects or damage tacitly accepted, that did not interfere with the product's operation, scratches or damage to the plastic surfaces, glass, and all other external areas due to normal use of the product, defects or damages caused by cleaning materials or other substances containing aggressive chemicals (solvents, surfactants, aggressive cleansers, etc.), defects or damages resulting from alterations and changes made to the products without authorization, defects or damages caused by improper assembly of the components, defects or damages caused by failure to follow product instructions in the User’s Manual, defects or damages caused by prolonged use of the product in chlorinated or polluted water, defects or damages caused by exposing the product to excessive temperatures, fire, or prolonged exposure to sunlight. All components subject to normal wear and tear (O-Rings, filters, light bulbs, batteries, rubber parts, silicone parts, latex, neoprene, zippers, etc.) are not covered by the warranty unless it can be shown that the problem is a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover equipment used for rental, military or commercial purposes.


Alchemy - Dimitrios G. Pantazis shall not be liable for any injury or damage that may, directly or indirectly, occur to persons, things, or animals resulting from the use of this product. Alchemy shall not be liable for damage resulting from the failure to observe the full content of the Instruction Manual especially instructions concerning the use and maintenance of the product. Alchemy will not be held responsible for any agreements written or oral except of those that are a part of this warranty statement. Alchemy entire liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product at Alchemy option. Alchemy will not pay any compensation for any inconveniences which might be caused by the inability to use the product or for any potential expenses incurred while the product is being repaired or replaced.


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Company DBA name: alchemy - Dimitrios G. Pantazis
Registered HQ Office: Kleisthenous 5, Kamatero, 13451, Athens - GREECE
EU/VIES VAT Registration number: EL 122217332
Greek Chamber of constructions & commerce registration No. 182356


We would like to inform you that according to Law 2472/1997 (Greece), the personal data you have provided to Alchemy will be processed in compliance with the individual's fundamental rights and dignity, with particular reference to privacy, personal identity and the right to personal data protection.

For all users of the site:
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With reference to users that register with the site: In addition to the purposes described above, information about users who register with the site will be processed in order to:

1 - To inform the customer about new services and products. Such information will be sent to the customers by Alchemy directly. 2 - To customize advertisements according to the customers' preferences, should they have any. 3 - To facilitate and optimize other services by providing third-party suppliers with the customer's personal data. 4 - For marketing purposes and to send advertising material.

The data treatment holder is Alchemy - Dimitrios G. Pantazis head office in Kleisthenous 5, Kamatero, 13451, Athens, Greece. Provision of data is optional; treatment of data is also optional and will be carried out only to fulfil points 1. to 4. above. Personal information is processed by automated means, for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected.

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The Data controller is Alchemy Dimitrios G. Pantazis company in the person of its legal representative: Dimitrios Pantazis. The complete list of Processors is available upon written request to our head office, Kleisthenous 5, Kamatero, 13451, Athens.

Customers may contact the holder or one of its representatives to assert their rights in accordance with art. 11 to art. 13 of the above-mentioned code in order to obtain, with no extra charge or delay, information about the origin and treatment of their personal data - the way they have been treated, updated, modified and completed.

Alchemy - Dimitrios G. Pantazis will use all the necessary and available measures to avoid both unlawful and inappropriate use of the gathered data as well as its unsolicited modification. Access to the information provided is allowed to authorized personnel only. Alchemy's employees who have access to our database are bound to stick to very strict rules. Alchemy adopts adequate control and protection measures to avoid any infringement of the regulations cited above.

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