Why The F**k Go Deep?

Why The F**k Go Deep?


"When I start a dive, I'm ready to die", that's what Harry Chamas told us. Having spent a good portion of his life freediving to extreme depths, he has now come to terms with himself. Did we mention he has also experimented with magic mushrooms while underwater?


In this first episode, we’ll sit down with Harry Chammas, a well-known freediver, UK national record holder, and much-respect coach based out of Dahab, Egypt. Harry runs his school Freedive Passion from there, where he specializes in teaching students the skills you need for real deep freediving. Make sure to give him a shout if you’re in Dahab. 

Harry and I will chat about what is this love, passion, and addiction for narcosis, the feelings of being really deep, and question "Why The F*** Go Deep"? We’ll also chat about psychedelics, out-of-body experiences, and how these are thought to be - by some - beneficially used in performance sports like freediving. 

Stay tuned and thanks for joining us.



00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Today's Guest
01:31 - Why The F**K Go Deep?
03:32 - Controlling The Mind And The Body
09:12 - No Limits Freediving
10:05 - Fight Or Flight Mechanism
14:52 - Ready To Die
21:31 - Narcosis
29:49 - Experimenting With Psychedelic Substances
42:28 - Self Control
45:11 - The Stoned Ape Theory
49:30 - Outro