Full Time Freediver

Full Time Freediver


Can you turn your life around? Can you step out of your comfort zone? Can you quit a well-paid, secure corporate job, move halfway across the world and become a full-time freediver? Most people won't, but that's exactly what Carlos Diezel did. This is his story.


In this episode, we sat down with Carlos Diezel in Dahab, Egypt. Yep, pretty awesome name, suits the guy well. A former Brazilian engineer, Carlos turned his life 180 degrees to pursue his dream and take his family with him. Becoming a professional freediver, instructor, and business owner at the famous Dahab Freedivers school, Carlos is an awesome inspiration to many of us looking to dedicate our lives to this sport. We discussed the harsh realities of changing a life, the difficulties of being a family man, and the beauties of pursuing what you love.


00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Today's Guest
01:55 - Confronting My Father
05:37 - Quitting The Corporate Job
15:01 - The New Life In Dahab
21:41 - Time, Health, Money
33:37 - A New Chapter
40:00 - Outro