Medical Perspectives On Freediving

Medical Perspectives On Freediving


Dive into the unknown with Dr. Jani Valdivia—medical doctor, neurosurgeon, and Peruvian record-holding freediver. Uncover groundbreaking insights into the intersection of freediving and medicine and learn how Dr. Valdivia’s expertise is revolutionizing safety protocols, challenging misconceptions, and shaping the future of competitive freediving. Don't miss this exclusive conversation with the man who bridges two worlds.


Welcome to the Alchemy Podcast, the only freediving podcast out there where we dig (and dive) deep into questions and topics most don’t want to discuss. Today we have the opportunity to sit down with none other that Jane Valdivia, whom we consider a “gem” to the freediving world.

Jani is a medical doctor, neurosurgeon, deep freediver, Peruvian record holder…and we’ll stop there since his CV and accomplishments continue for pages. Jani advises the medical community on freediving, he sits on the board of important organisations like for critical research in our sport. Without him, competitions and organisations like AIDA and CMAS would not know how to apply the latest safety and medical standards in world championships.

He is the one bridging the freediving community and medical community on the spirit, safety and health of our sport. Providing insights and knowledge in order to break down stereotypes such as the incorrectly perceived dangers of freediving.




0:00 Intro
1:34 The State Of Medicine
7:58 We Will See A Plateau On Depth Records
10:42 Severity & Repetition Of Symptoms
14:46 A Squeeze Is Not The Same For Everybody
20:22 Freediving Is Definitely Therapeutic
23:35 The Mental Aspect Of The Game
29:31 The Psychological Effects Of A Blackout
36:43 Morning VS Afternoon Dives
41:28 We Will Hit A Wall As Human Beings At Depth
46:42 MFSCO2
51:32 The Standards Of Instructors Need To Be Raised
1:10:17 Come Home To Your Body