Sex, Self Love And Freediving

Sex, Self Love And Freediving


Does having sex the night before a freediving competition help to increase one's performance? Why does self-love have a positive impact on a freediver's career? Dear listener, be advised that there is some questionable language and topics in this podcast.


Welcome to yet another episode of the Alchemy Podcast. My name is Luca Malaguti and I will be your host. We’re very lucky to have a special guest today, a crazy man, a genius, and my good friend Gus Kreivenas. Gus is a deep freediver, accomplishing over 100 meters on one breath at the Vertical Blue competition in 2018, a well-respected coach in our community and runs his school Touch Down Space in Dahab, Egypt. He has an immense amount of knowledge when it comes to training and performance, however, he is also very much fascinated by the emotional, mental, and psychological aspects of performance athletics, specifically in freediving. 

Today, we will discuss a topic most don’t talk about, “Sex, Self Love & Freediving”. This touches on subjects that many might consider "sensitive" based on cultural background, religion, and nationality. Regardless, they are very important in the world of an athlete’s mind and although our intention is not to offend, it kind of is. So, be advised dear listener, there might be some questionable language and topics in this interview, but please know it is a REAL conversation, it comes from the heart and soul and is meant to break down the common barriers we have placed upon ourselves. 



00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Today's Guest
00:44 - Self Love
08:05 - From -65M To -90M In Free Immersion
11:26 - Systems & Principles
14:24 - Sex Before A Competition