Fear Of Loss

Fear Of Loss


What does fear mean to you? Can you overcome it? Would you continue to freedive if you had witnessed your friends come back to life, even though you thought they were almost dead?


In this episode, we sit down and chat with French freediver and record-holder Thibault Guignes. Thibault is a highly experienced competitive diver, instructor trainer, and business owner. Having dove up to -120 meters on one breath, and known for his impressive hangs at depth, Thibault is one of the most experienced freedivers in the world. In E3 we sit down and talk to Thibault about some tough things. With his experience and years in the game, he’s seen quite a few things: major accidents suffered himself and seen friends suffer and overcome great difficulties. These are things we don’t always see on social media’s glass façade, but there are dark truths behind any performance-based sport at the elite level. Shit happens. How we deal with it, overcome it and be strengthened by it are the lessons worth knowing and sharing. It’s our pleasure to sit down with our friend Thibault, grab a beer, and chat about some real issues that the freediving community can benefit from listening to.



00:00 - Intro
01:33 - Today's Guest
02:15 - Fear Of Loss
08:34 - My Disturbing Black Out
10:09  - After My Accident, My Attitude Changed
22:22  - Free Solo & Deep Freediving
26:19 - Risk Analysis
28:56 - Outro