A Freediver's Odyssey

A Freediver's Odyssey


Join us on an exhilarating voyage as we explore the extraordinary world of freediving with Gary McGrath. Discover how this British National Record holder reached -112 meters on a single breath, leaving spectators in awe at Vertical Blue, the Wimbledon of freediving. But it's not just records; it's resilience. Dive deep into Gary's incredible journey, his battle with COVID-19, and the mental strength athletes need. Learn from his 15-year freediving philosophy, and gain exclusive training insights.


Prepare to take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the incredible world of freediving with our extraordinary guest, Gary McGrath. He's not just a deep freediver; he's a British National Record holder and instructor who has pushed the boundaries of human capability.

In this thrilling episode, we'll unlock the secrets behind Gary's astounding achievement of reaching -112 meters on a single breath using a monofin, a feat that left spectators at the prestigious Vertical Blue freediving competition in the Bahamas in awe. Vertical Blue, often likened to the Wimbledon of freediving, was the stage for this remarkable record.

But Gary's story goes far deeper than records. Join us as we explore his incredible journey and resilience. Discover how he overcame not just the abyss of the ocean but also the challenges of COVID-19, a shared experience with our host, Luca Malaguti. Together, they open up about the often-unspoken topic of mental health struggles and depression that athletes face when performing at peak levels.

Gary's freediving philosophy spans over 15 years, emphasizing patience and the body's ability to adapt. He even celebrated his 40th birthday with a leisurely dive to -100m, setting the stage for his national record-breaking dive. And now, he's hungrier than ever for more.

But it's not all about extreme depths. Gary generously shares invaluable tips, including the supplements that fueled his intense training and warm-up techniques that can supercharge your performance.

Join us for an episode that will leave you breathless as we take you on an unforgettable journey into the heart of freediving with Gary, a true friend, mentor, and a master of mental fortitude.


0:00 Intro
01:17 Dealing With Covid In Egypt
09:20 A Really Messy Dive
24:52 The Road To Vertical Blue
28:03 Crowdfunding
35:29 Reaching Out To A Therapist
40:43 Easy Jet Lost All Of My Equipment
56:37 Supplements For Freediving