Alchemy partners Daan Verhoeven & Carlos Negrete share their tips for UW photography through the latest post of Freedive Wire.

Daan is a freediving photographer that needs very little introduction. He has photographed almost all AIDA world championships since 2012. Daan was kind enough to give us his top tips for the following topics on freediving photography.

1. Shutter Speed and Fast Moving Objects

  • If you want everything to be crisp, the slowest shutter speed you can use is 1/320th.
  • You can get away with 1/250th but in the no fins categories, the tips of the fingers will have motion blur.
  • I like to do slow shutter speeds like 1/15th or 1/10th on fast moving freedivers and follow them, so you can blur the background and convey a sense of speed.

2. Aperture, Depth of Field and Split Shots

  • It depends on what you’d like to achieve and on your lens/camera set up; if you want everything to be in focus, both above and below the surface, you have to go with f8 or higher.
  • I tell the camera to focus above the surface, as it focuses too close by underneath the surface for things above to be in focus.
  • Use plenty of spit on your dome, then dip it just before taking the shot, in order to minimize drops on your dome.

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