In 2006, alchemy designed and manufactured its first pair of carbon fiber fins with one purpose in mind; to share our passion for the sea & diving with the rest of the world.
Only a few years later, the Greek-based company dominates the freediving & spearfishing world, being at the forefront of new & innovative dive technologies.

Guided by this principle, alchemy has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art freediving and spearfishing equipment.
The constant investment in innovation, the unceasing, patient research in the field of manufacturing, new materials and processes, combined with our expertise on composites and a creative, professional approach,
grants alchemy its leading position and makes the brand a synonym of quality, safety & reliability.

The best of alchemy is wrapped up in every product to meet the needs of each single diver so that you can enjoy freediving and/or spearfishing with
supreme performance through hi-end technology.

Carbon Fins / Blades

High performance 100% carbon fiber fins/blades for freediving and spearfishing. Made in Greece (EU)

Silicone Weight Belts

High performance 100% silicone weight belts for freediving and spearfishing. Made in Greece (EU)


Supreme quality freediving & spearfishing accessories