Our new V3 | V330PRO come to complete the V3 family. We managed to pack everything, in terms of performance and efficiency, into a smaller size. This means that our new shorter fins offer all the benefits of the longer versions with a few extra advantages. Compact size offers great versatility no matter the intended use. The new length makes the blades a lot faster and easy to maneuver under any circumstances. That makes them ideal for underwater photographers, safety divers, freediving professionals, scuba divers and underwater sports enthusiasts (u/w rugby, u/w hockey). V3 | V330PRO offers maximum performance all the way from pool training to spearfishing or even competitive freediving.

Meet The Pro

Following the V3 & V330 model, the new blades come with all past features as standards, plus more. Their shape fits Pathos, C4-300 and C4-400 footpockets and their angle is either 23 or 30 degrees. We kept the extraordinary mirror finish on the blades' front side and matte finish on the back. There are also five (5) years of written warranty from the day of manufacturing on the carbon part of your blades ensuring the best working way as the day you first ever tried them. Serial number tag is now embedded into the blade's lamination ensuring the authenticity of your genuine alchemy product along with a hologram tamper-proof individually numbered tag on your warranty certificate document.

Having the first worldwide innovative design of colored silicone water-rails, we decided to offer more. V3 | V330PRO blades come into three unique colours, never again seen in the alchemy pallete; Pale Lilac, Urban Blue and Sand Beige. The previous color variations, including metallics and fluorescent options are also available. In other words, we offer all it takes for you to be in love with your equipment.

Carbon Layers

Alchemy V3 | V330PRO offer the ultimate carbon layer positioning inside each blade. Fifteen (13) layers of pure 100% carbon fiber positioned in the best possible way to offer the most efficient bending profile, yet the ultimate feedback nerve and speed. Having the first ever V shaped reinforcement layer that goes beyond the blade's angle we make sure power and feedback come straight from the beginning of each kick.

Blade Ending Shape

Alchemy V3 | V3-30PRO Carbon Fiber blades are manufactured ending in a dolphin tail shape (D.Tail). This shape gives the best results based on hydrodynamics studies (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute / T. Wei) and tests made in C.F.D. software (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The dolphin tail shaped ending gives the maximum thrust with the least possible energy consumption.


Alchemy V3 | V3-30PRO Carbon Fiber Blades offer a new revolutionary design with more carbon fiber layers for ultimate energy transferring and top performance! V3 | V330PRO Carbon Fiber Blades are manufactured in compliance with the most demanding and modern standards in constant ambient temperature and humidity. 45 tons of total pressure combined with vacuum assistance (VRTM) and 12 hours post curing in temperatures controlled through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a deviation of less than ± 0,1°C.

Water Rails

On each V3 | V330PRO Carbon Fiber blade, there are specially designed water rails made of 100% silicone in white, blue, red, black, gold, silver or fluorescent colors. The design was made in a three-dimensional (3D) CAD environment and produced in United Kingdom by a modern silicone production facility. Trials and studies in C.F.D. software showed that this water rail detains and drives the water on the blade without losing its shape even in the toughest conditions. The fact that even in the limit bend of the blade, the water rail retains its shape, drives the water from the beginning of the stroke and provides immediate response to the diver's moves. Alchemy water rails offer hydrodynamic design and the absolute superiority of silicone to common rubber on strength, original shape maintenance and strength under extreme conditions.

Special Thanks

To Ryuzo Shinomiya and Jonathan Sunnex for all their help developing the PROs.

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