How does one get into freediving? What does it mean for him? How does he train? Matthieu Duvault is one of Canada's deepest men, travelling around the world and teaching aspiring freedivers, currently based in Tulum, Mexico.

My Name is Matthieu Duvault

I am 33 years old, I am based in Tulum, Mexico and I represent Canada for freediving. I went into freediving in a little island in Thailand for the first time. I saw a video of this famous freediver Guillaume Nery doing incredible stuff on one breath underwater and i was like "Wow! I really want to do this". Not long after, I enrolled my first freediving course and I really loved it. I used to love being in the water I love photography, I love animals so for me it was natural and it was the way to go.

When I Freedive

I really love to feel this sensation of water on my face, this weightlessness you will feel, especially when you freefall, this absence of time and this silence you will find nowhere else on earth, i guess. Freediving for me means freedom and at the same time it's great because it's a sport where you can always improve, always get better and you will discover yourself even more. It's not just about your body, it's also about your brain and to find this inner calm inside you.

My Alchemy Fins

They are the synonym of excellence. Their design is amazing, they look really, really cool. And at the same time it's super efficient. When i do deep diving with my Alchemy I just don't feel any lactic and i feel like the best of my potential transmitted to the fins.


Progress In Free Immersion