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Since hitting the market, the Alchemy silicone neck weight has emerged as an absolute essential for freedivers worldwide. Is it up to the challenge? Three instructors decided to assess its performance.

Josh Munoz

Hey guys, this morning we're discussing the Alchemy freediving neck weight. The neck weight is available in two distinct colors – black and white – and is offered in four different weights. This allows you to precisely tailor it to your needs, whether you're diving in a pool or going for depth, ensuring it sits exactly where you want it.

Featuring a robust and durable design, I appreciate how you can easily adjust it to conform to the size of your neck and the type of wetsuit you're wearing. Once in place, a simple pinch ensures it securely maintains its shape. One significant advantage of this neck weight over DIY alternatives is its longevity. Homemade options tend to degrade quickly, especially if you opt for a cheaper solution, and can become unhygienic over time. Additionally, the cost of making a DIY version comparable to this professional neck weight can be nearly as much, making the Alchemy option a more worthwhile investment.

Unlike homemade alternatives that often encircle the entire face, this neck weight provides a snug fit without feeling restrictive. This feature prevents the discomfort of the weight bouncing up and hitting your chin during dives, which is a common issue with DIY designs. Whether you're performing duck dives or turns at the bottom, the Alchemy neck weight stays in place, offering a comfortable and reliable experience. This makes it particularly suitable for pool and depth training, providing a secure and non-restrictive solution for your freediving needs.

Cristian Daehler

Before delving into the details of this neck weight and appreciating its features, it's crucial to comprehend the neck weight I used previously. My old homemade neck weight served its purpose, but it came with discomfort and various issues. As it was a fixed-loop, non-adjustable design, it proved too loose during the summer or with thin wetsuits, hitting my chin frequently. In contrast, during winter with thicker wetsuits, it became uncomfortably tight. There were only a few months when my wetsuit perfectly matched its compression. Additionally, the buckles frequently broke, and the rubber deteriorated. Accidental unclipping was a common occurrence, leading to lost weights during freediving courses.

Every problem I faced with the old neck weight found a solution in Alchemy's design. The Alchemy neck weight, in contrast, rests on my jaw, offering greater comfort and eliminating the chin discomfort. Its adjustability ensures a secure fit without restricting breathing, crucial for crisp equalizations, especially at greater depths. Concerns about shifting or falling off during dynamic spearfishing movements were dispelled by the sticky silicone, preventing any unwanted movement.

Opting for the white neck weight was a deliberate choice due to its high visibility, aiding dive buddies in easily spotting me, especially in murkier waters or reef environments. This enhances safety during spearfishing, making their observation of my movements, whether at the bottom or surfacing, clearer and more efficient.

Brad James

Since these impressive pieces of equipment hit the market, I've been quite eager to try one out. They have an appealing look, and I've been on the lookout for alternatives to the bicycle inner tube clip weights, which I'm not a big fan of. I find them uncomfortable, particularly the way they sit and pull across the throat during a mouth fill, making them less enjoyable for depth dives. Despite this, I've stuck to using a weight belt, even though I believe a neck weight offers a better position for a graceful freefall.

This particular weight suits my needs perfectly for regular freshwater dives while wearing a 2 or 3 mm suit. Initially, I had reservations about the open neck design, concerned it might fall off or shift, becoming a distraction. However, after trying it out, I discovered it's easy to mold for a snug fit around the neck. You can even adjust the edges to ensure a secure and comfortable placement. Even on a smooth skin wetsuit, it holds well due to the slightly sticky silicone.

As you dive, you practically forget it's there, and the open design eliminates the drawbacks of rigidity. While it may have some movement, it tends to sit on the jaw, avoiding interference with mouth fills during deep dives. This is a significant improvement for me as the closed and rigid alternatives tend to distract and cause discomfort. Another unexpected benefit is that the open design prevents my nose clip cord from getting caught, providing a bit of freedom of movement. Overall, I'm delighted with this neck weight so far and look forward to testing it further on deeper dives.

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