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The guys from Badfish Dive Gear recently reviewed our freediving neck weight. Little did we know that they had also reviewed our V3 carbon fins! Here's what they had to say about them.

Worth Every Penny

"So I got my V3s late last month and have been an absolute pleasure to use! They are extremely lightweight and buttery soft to fin but the power these fins put out is just amazing!

So a little background first, I am a recreational diver and freedive photographer. As such, I rarely do any deep dives. I am happy in the 3-8m where the light is good and there are a lot of subjects to shoot. My regular dive buddies know that I rarely ever go deep. It's been so long since I've been down past 12m that I even started doubting I could get back to that depth.

When I started using the V3s I was so impressed with how comfortable they were to use but with so much power. I could really feel the thrust with every fin kick. The swim outs and dives just felt like it was much less effort to do. So I did a dive in early Feb to shoot with my buddy Dani. We then decided to swim out to where Team Sawum was doing line dives and depth training to shoot them. As I was following one of the divers down, the lighting and the scene were really mesmerizing and I kept following him down to get better shots. Unaware, I had hit 17m! This is with a camera, no line, in medium/strong current. It was just so effortless with the V3s! Swimming back up, I could feel the fins work for me and that kept me relaxed knowing I was ascending with good speed. My dive buddies were astounded seeing me go that deep knowing how shallow I usually dive. It was a great feeling!

The very next weekend, I just could'nt stop myself from diving. It was raining all week and there was a chill in the air but I had to dive. I wanted to test the fins again to see if it the results would be consistent. Took them down nice and slow and bam! 18 meters, effortless! Went again, and bam! 21 meters effortless! I get it, these depth numbers arent generally amazing but for a 5-8m diver like me, I was mindblown! Especially with how effortless it was! I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING THESE FINS! And the tech really works! The V3s come at a hefty price tag but they are worth every penny"!

Unboxing A Pair Of V3 Carbon Fins

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