Would you trust a pair of short fins to rescue a diver from -40m? How do the Alchemy PROs rate compared to the V330s? Do they put a lot of strain on the legs due to their size? Are they capable of providing powerful assistance to one of the best safety teams around?  The new Alchemy PROs were used exclusively by Blue Element’s safety team this year. Here’s what they had to say about them.  Bare in mind that some of these freedivers dive up to -90m!

Louisa Collyns - Chief Of Safety

"First time I saw the Alchemy Pros I was really excited but I had a little bit of a doubt about their power. I thought this would be a great thing to use for teaching and for safety, as long as they were as good as I had hoped, and they've ended up being really wonderful fins. Also, the new C4-400 footpockets are probably the most comfortable foot pockets that I've used! I have been in the water for five hours a day, for several days in a row and I haven't had any blisters or any irritation of my feet. The fins have a lot of power and they're very maneuverable for us when we're doing safety, so all in all I'm super happy with them and they're really awesome".

Gary McGrath

"First time I saw these fins, I thought that easily the best-looking fins on the market. What surprised me about them is the power they have at depth. You can sprint and catch up with even the fastest diver, even someone with a monofin. I'd absolutely recommend them for underwater photography and definitely for safety diving".

Jimmy Jeantot

"I was first introduced to the Alchemy Pros this year and I was really happy because I really like teaching in small fins. I tried them in the water, they're really great, you get really good mobility, good power, good speed, they're really easy on the legs and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be using only these from now on".

Jon Fane

"I've been looking forward to the new short Alchemy fins coming out. They're going to be great for traveling with, so when I travel to other places to freedive or to do competitions, it's gonna be much more convenient to travel with them, that's for sure".

Matt DeVelden

"I got to use them on a few personal dives and I absolutely love them. They're nice short fins and give you a nice short kick which is total tops. They're nice and stiff. You may think that they're too short but they do the job. I can't wait to use them on the next safety team".

Nikki Toothill

"First time I saw them, I thought they look like a serious piece of kit but I was a little bit worried maybe, about safety and rescuing people with short fins. After using them I was really pleasantly surprised. I can confidently rescue somebody from 30+ meters and they've been remarkable. Really quick to pick up speed. I'm really impressed, really efficient and I can't wait to try them out in New Zealand".

Freediving Saipan With Alchemy Pro