Alchemy creator Jacques De Vos is an underwater photographer, cameraman and freediving instructor. As a kid he always had an interest in the ocean, even reaching a point of wanting to become a marine biologist. Due to that interest, early in his life, his aunt bought him a book as a gift, with a section on Orcas in it. Their look and capabilities found a place in the boy's heart. Even though he never studied Marine Biology, in 2009 he left his day job as a chemical engineer and became a scuba instructor. That was the starting point for him to develop his underwater photography & freediving techniques. During the years that followed, Jacques became an expert in finding Orcas in the ocean and freediving with them in their natural habitat.

Red Bull followed him on one of his most beautiful expeditions, completed in Norway, and had the opportunity to ask him all about it. Watch Jacques kick his Alchemy V3 while freediving with some of nature's most magnificent creatures.

Dive In

Freediving Ulleungdo With Alchemy V3 Carbon Fins