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Alchemy partner Pema Chinyam (aka Pema Travels) has been traveling the world for the last few months. The assignment? To travel to and document 10 amazing coworking destinations around the world. Her second stop was Cyprus, where she got to freedive the Musan Underwater Museum.

Dive In

"Hey, it's Pema, Safety Wing's nomadic content creator. I was hired to showcase 10 incredible co-working destinations around the world and on today's episode I'll be traveling to Cyprus. Cyprus is a historic island in the Eastern Mediterranean. It's known as the birthplace of Aphrodite and it's one of the oldest cultures in the western world. These days it's a popular beach destination and I visited for the spectacular diving. There is, of course, a thriving digital entrepreneur scene and a ton of co-working spaces but for this vlog, I'll focus on the underwater adventures".


"I started my time in Cyprus by meeting up with a local friend of mine Costas. He showed me around some beautiful coastline before letting me second shoot for a special bridal shoot. I love this kind of stuff and had the best time with this couple's underwater wedding photos. In the evening I went out for dinner and accidentally ran into this medieval parade. The next morning we headed back into the water to explore some caves nearby. Next, we geared up to visit Musan, the Underwater Museum, this is what made me want to visit Cyprus and I couldn't wait to see it for myself".

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