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When it comes to our fins, we deal with a variety of foot pockets for our blades (C4, Pathos, Mares & Cetma) but C4 have proved to be our absolute best sellers. Today, thanks to Florida Freedivers, we are going to look at the C4 300 and the C4 400 footpockets, the major differences between them, and why you may like one or the other, or none at all.

C4 300

"The 300 came out around 2016 and really changed how the footpocket market works. They are super light, similar to Pathos, but they have this different type of material that almost has no stretch at all. What’s really cool about them is that when you get your foot inside, they have this environment that's very tight around your foot but also makes the blade feel like an extension of your leg. The rails are much shorter but very flexible and the foot pocket doesn’t give you any play with your foot. Getting them on is difficult, in fact, they are sent with a shoehorn. They are best worn barefoot. The idea of making a foot pocket that is super tight around your foot and doesn’t allow for any wiggle or play is really good, but the problem is that if it doesn’t fit your foot, it doesn’t fit your foot".

C4 400

"In 2018, C4 recognized that this is a great style of foot pocket but the material isn’t for everyone. So they came out with a different material, much more comfortable, which gives a little amount of extra stretch. They still have the short tendons, still super flexible there, but what I love so much about these is the way they are shaped. They are very similar to the 300 but they have a different material, so they can hold on to your foot better than the other foot pockets with a flat shape. With the blade inside the pockets, due to the shorter rails, I am able to feel the response of the blade, moreso than the tendons interacting with the blade. And also the fit itself, I think they’ve done a fantastic job with this mold and how it works. The C4 400 are my favorite foot pockets at the moment, I absolutely love them. If they fit your feet, then they are hands down the best foot pocket on the market".

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