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Canadian freediver and spearo Christopher Samson, found himself lately in Bermuda, where he got to test our new freediving neck weight. Did it live up to his expectations? Find out.

Was It Really On My Neck All This Time?

"This neck weight is awesome! I really like it, and barely noticed it was on my neck, it fit me super snug. I did a few drops and it didn't budge an inch, not even a centimeter. I believe the silicone, just like my weight belt, grips the wetsuit and this thing forms right to your neck. When I'm filming I usually look forward and I do that so I can see what my subjects are. When you're freediving you should keep your head down, more streamlined, especially when you go to depth because you can risk an injury to the trachea - it's not very flexible. For line diving, one hundred percent, this thing's awesome, and for shallower diving, like I was doing today, you know sub 20 meters sub 30 meters, this thing also does a great trick! The other neck weight I have is a three-pounder, made from a bike tube, that one was a bit too heavy I think, that’s why I was hurting my neck, but this guy, I barely noticed was on there! If you're in the market for a neck weight and you don't feel like spending a day trying to make one out of a bike tube, get this guy right here"!

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