Is spearfishing hard? Well, it depends. What would happen if a beginner and a veteran battled each other, on the same day, in the same fishing spots? Who would “win”?
This is exactly what the new video of Key west Waterman examines.

Dive In

"We're out here in the Gulf of Mexico, I got Will with me, you know I'm a good friend! I wanted to get some snappers today, Will did too, so we're going to make an episode of it. The wind is howling, it was supposed to be nice, so we ended up coming on the Gulf side, we're on the north side of Key West, technically we're in the Gulf of Mexico.

A while back I made a shallow water spearfishing episode and we absolutely smashed the fish, and the video did great, but I think people got a false sense of what shallow water spearfishing actually is. I guess as far as productivity goes, I've been doing this for quite some time, so I normally shoot quite a bit more fish than your average spearfisherman or woman.

So I have my friend Will with me and, in no way is this a jab at him, but Will is a good friend of mine from new york, hasn't spearfished a lot, still beginner-ish. So the point of this video like I said is to manage expectations. I'm a big fan of that, I like people knowing what they're getting into, and the more of these shallow-water videos I'm posting, I'm getting a lot of people asking about shallow water trips. I know I'm talking a lot but I'm trying to explain what's going on, so we're going to get in the water and I’m going to show you what I take for today and Will's take. Let’s rock and roll"!

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