Cassandra Cooper, Canada's #1 freediver in DYNB and member of the Alchemy Team, recently got her hands on our new freediving neck weight. Even though she has yet to use it at the pool, she used it extensively during the AIDA Depth World Championship in Cyprus. Here's what she thought of it.

A New Level Of Efficiency, Simplicity & Convenience 

"The first thing about this freediving neck weight is the fact that I can travel with it so easily. With traditional neck weights, in order to keep their shape, they have to stay buckled. But with this one, I can bend it based on what’s in my bag that day, which is a benefit for me right away, because as freedivers we always have equipment with us all the time. So, packing your stuff as efficiently as possible is always much better.

Another benefit of this neck weight is that I can wear it with any wetsuit and it is never going to bother me as I can adjust it, based on the thickness of the wetsuit. If I am here in Canada and I’m freediving with a 5mm wetsuit, I can adjust it accordingly. Same logic applies I’m somewhere warmer and I’m wearing my 1.5mm.

With all my equipment, I don’t wanna know that it’s there. You don’t want to be thinking about the fact that the neck weight is touching your chin or anything for that matter. With this weight, that never happens because it doesn’t have the traditional buckle at the front, there’s nothing that’s going to touch you. That, by itself, is a good enough reason to invest in a neck weight rather than making your own or buy one that disturbs your dive in any way".

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