A couple of weeks ago, i watched Seaspiracy on Netflix, a trending documentary which examines the impacts of commercial fishing on the oceans, as well as on the planet and all of its inhabitants. Being a spearo myself, i once again thought about how sustainable spearfishing is and how little do its critics actually know about it. So, why do we spearfish? Is it for the photos on Instagram? Is it for the adrenaline to legally kill something larger than yourself? Is it just for food?

Nobody Could Have Given A Better Answer
Than Alchemy Partner David Ochoa


“There's a misconception that all we want to do is to kill a big fish for a photo. You know, it's easy to explain to someone that you kill fish to eat and it's sustainable, but why brag about the big fish you shoot? Well, I look at these moments as a celebration of something bigger than that, and to be honest, it doesn't even need to be a big fish, if it's something that got you stoked, that's a trophy or whatever you want to call it. We travel to the other side of the world, we dedicate our lives, trying to figure out how fish behave, the failures, the friends you met along the way, the ones you lost… The fish represents whatever you had to go through, in order to get it and, yes, we should only target fish that will be continued and respected, but spearfishing is also more than just getting a few. It’s hard to explain that it may be a primal instinct or just wanting to learn and overcome the obstacles. It may be a bit of an ego trip, we do have our egos to beat, it might be a bit of everything. Truth is, this is what gets you going.

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