Natalie Rudman is an 8 times South African freediving national record holder and 5 times African continental record holder. She is a yoga instructor and creator and founder of ComeOne Yoga and Freediving. She is currently living in Roatan, Caribbean where she teaches freediving and yoga workshops and retreats. Natalie’s love for the ocean stemmed from a young age, she grew up in Durban on the East Coast of South Africa where she spent most of her teenage years surfing or hanging out on the beach. She is an ocean warrior and believes that it is up to us to change the concept of the ocean being a dumping ground, it is the place we need to protect more than ever for our future generations to appreciate and enjoy as well. She only discovered freediving in her 30s, while as a scuba instructor in Thailand she noticed the utter calm and tranquility of freedivers on the reefs and wrecks around. She tried and it and never looked back. To her freediving is a much more natural way to interact with the ocean and marine life. Less impact and more meditative. She has learnt much about herself through the practice and loves to share her learnings and teachings with others, bringing joy and confidence to her students when she can.

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