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Daan Verhoeven, this guy right? He just doesn't stop. Bahamas, Dahab, Greece, Dominica, Mexico... you name it, he's been there!  His latest music video, for the band Shadeemus, was shot on one breath during the AIDA Infinity Games in Cyprus a little while ago and it's a masterpiece!

"About a month ago, i was approached by a band called Shadeemus about a possible collaboration. They sent me their song 'Clovis', and i instantly loved it. I'd shot some footage of Georgina freediving the Elpida wreck in Cyprus, and suddenly i had this idea that we could see the wreck as a symbol for a relationship gone bad, like the one in the song. The pacing and vibe matched too, and when i showed the band a rough draft, they liked it as well. Originally, the plan for the new video was to start at the stern, swim the whole length of the hull of this wreck, and come out at the bow. However, i'd just done a few hours of photographing a comp that morning, and Georgina had done a 60 meter comp dive; the hull was 25 meters deep and about 50 meters long - we just didn't have the legs for it that day. So we ended at the cross section, where the light plays so beautifully, and where we could go back up without doing a seizable dynamic at depth. I hope to revisit that wreck soon - with fresh legs, and haul the whole hull. So here it is, my first ever official music video, which i'm very happy to share with you".



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