The duck dive is the technique that freedivers use to leave the surface of the water. Many beginner freedivers, as well as some experienced ones, have a lot of room for improving it, as it is a very important part of each and every dive. Here are some tips to perfect it, from National & Continental record holder, Sheena McNally.


"Hi, i'm Sheena. I'm an Alchemy Athlete and i'm also a freedive instructor. I'm from Canada but today i'm coming to you from Soufriere Guest House in beautiful Dominica and i'd like to talk a little bit about the duck dive.

I wanted to talk about this technique because i've seen many non-freedivers, many beginner freedivers and also a few more experienced freedivers, who are doing this technique and there's a bit of room for improvement. Maybe they're not being as efficient as they could be, using a little bit too much energy. Honestly i think the best way to learn this technique is to take a certification level freedive class, with an experienced instructor, it doesn't matter what agency, and that way you can get some real-time feedback which is more valuable than the tips that i'm going to give you today.

I'm going to explain to you how i teach this technique, i'm going to show you the sequence of movements that you'll need to practice to make it work and i'm gonna show them to you first on land, which is gonna be hilarious, it might not make a whole lot of sense, but i'm also gonna show you in the water. Don't worry, that'll make a little bit more sense and i'm going to break it down for you,, as well as a couple of variations for maybe if you're having sticky ears or maybe you've got something in your hands like a camera or a spear".

Let's Get Into It

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