Footpocket Insoles


Experience more powerful, efficient, and seamless kicks, with the brand-new anatomic insoles by C4. An absolute must for any freediver looking to maximize dive times, depth & comfort.

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These innovative footpocket insoles are designed & manufactured by C4, in order to make your fins more powerful, more snug, and more fun. Their anatomic shape increases comfort, minimizes air spaces, and forms left/right foot shapes, for an immersive freediving experience. They effortlessly improve the planar shape of the footpockets under the foot arch, eliminating the void, increasing the control of kicking, and optimizing the force transmission, making everything efficient, smooth, and easy. Dive more comfortably in colder waters, as the reduction of the air space inside the footpocket restricts the flow of water, thus keeping your feet warmer.

The insoles match perfectly all C4 footpockets, but can also be used with other brands, such as Mares, Pathos, Cressi, Beuchat, Seac, Omersub, Salvimar, etc.
They are available in 3 sizes, fitting from size 38 to 45, thanks to the possibility of being cut to size, by using the pre-existing cutting lines.