Nick Pelios Freediver, Creator
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When we conceived Air, we set out to redefine the traditional snorkel. Our vision was simple yet transformative: to create a snorkel that not only enhanced oxygenation for freedivers but also floated to prevent loss in the depths, ensuring effortless underwater maneuverability.

Why Choose Air?

Introducing Air, the ultimate freediving snorkel designed for peak performance. Air's unmatched R2 Influx features the largest air intake ever seen on a snorkel, ensuring effortless surface breathing. Forget about retrieval hassles—this snorkel floats effortlessly on the surface, letting you focus on exploring the depths. Navigate currents with ease thanks to Air's sleek, streamlined design that minimizes drag while combining comfort and style for optimal underwater maneuverability. Made from premium materials and available in two levels of stiffness, Air is more than just an accessory; it's a durable, high-performance investment.


More Oxygen: The R2 Influx boasts the largest air intake ever seen in a snorkel, making surface breathing effortless. Each breath through our anti-air-turbulence tube design delivers an abundant supply of fresh air, ensuring a continuous flow of oxygen for an uninterrupted and immersive freediving session.

Effortless Buoyancy: Experience the freedom of underwater exploration with Air's exceptional buoyancy. Say goodbye to the hassle of retrieval as Air floats effortlessly on the water's surface. Enjoy uninterrupted dives, using the surface as a launchpad for seamless descents into the depths.

Hydrodynamic Design: Air's sleek and streamlined form perfectly blends form and function, allowing you to glide through currents with minimal drag. This design enhances comfort and style while providing optimal underwater maneuverability.

Hypoallergenic: The silicone mouthpiece, crafted with precision, ensures user comfort and well-being. Renowned for its hypoallergenic properties, the silicone adapts seamlessly to the mouth's contours, providing an irritation-free experience and a secure, hypoallergenic seal, ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Built to Last: Engineered for longevity, Air’s robust construction withstands the challenges of saltwater, ensuring consistent performance on every aquatic adventure. The combination of cutting-edge materials and meticulous design makes the Air snorkel a durable and reliable companion for years of underwater exploration.


Our journey to create the Air snorkel involved meticulous research into materials, seeking the perfect balance between buoyancy, weight, and environmental responsibility. Committed to sustainability, we explored innovative materials that met our performance standards and aligned with our eco-conscious principles. The result is a snorkel that enhances the freediving experience while reflecting our dedication to harmonizing nature and performance.

Certified Quality

Air proudly holds CE / EN1972:2016 certification. The (CE) EN1972:2016 standard is a European regulation that establishes requirements and test methods for snorkels intended for surface use, excluding those for scuba diving. This standard mandates designs that minimize injury risks with specific criteria for shape, dimensions, and materials, ensuring they are non-toxic and resistant to seawater, sunlight, and wear. Performance requirements emphasize low airflow resistance and structural integrity. Rigorous testing methods simulate real-world conditions to ensure compliance. Adhering to this standard guarantees consumers the snorkel's quality and safety, reflecting the EU's commitment to high recreational equipment standards.

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