I have a windy week this week so I'm not fishing and I took a few days off just because I'm trying to catch up with everything that needs to be done running a business. One of the most requested things that you wanted to see was the youtube profit. I really don't have anything to hide, my main income is being a charter captain, and that's information I probably would never share, but youtube, for the most part, doesn't make that much money so I have no problem sharing it and as of right now it's kind of just little drops in the bucket here and there to keep the business running. That money doesn't come to me, the youtube money goes back into the business as well, so I'm happy to share that information.

Let's Jump In!

Now, youtube, the way they pay you is kind of strange, it's per thousand views but every video is different so I'll just kind of go through a couple of these. You can see I've got quite a few videos, historically I think we're close to 100 at this point in time, we didn't start making money I think until it was a year and a half in. But this video has actually only been out for two days so I'm going to show you last week's episode, so I'll go to analytics and this shows the total views I got, watch time and hours, how many subscribers I gained from it and that is my revenue to date. I released this video on December 5th and this shows you kind of the growth of profit. So, that's six days in I made 230 dollars on it. Typically the way these work the first couple days, it does really well, and then it kind of putters out.
Here's one with a decent amount of views, 35.000 views, you go to analytics and you can kind of see it's that same trend. It jumps and then kind of plateaus so, in the beginning, they make a decent amount of money. It hasn't always been like this, for a while I was making two dollars a day, five dollars a day, it's finally starting to make a little bit of money and as I said just goes back into the business, keeps everything running. So we are 23 days in and this one's made 358 dollars. I'll go a little farther back and show you, so this one with 20.000 views made 200 dollars in that time. Hopefully, that scratches an itch there!

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