Roni Essex Freediver, Spearo, Creator
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The past 12 months have been a great ride for Alchemy; bumpy but awesome. Yes, we did have to battle all the global logistics’ mess created by the pandemic, yes, we did miss freediving during the lockdown and, yes, it wasn’t easy, but we made the most out of it. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that’s what we did.

The coming months will be even more exciting. Why? New products. New, ground-breaking products, to be precise. We’ve been working on a few ideas for some months now, some are at the prototype stage, others have gone beyond that, and are currently being tested by some of the world’s deepest freedivers.

So, it’s that time of the year. Time to relax, unwind, travel around the Greek islands, spend time with our families, catch & cook a fish or two. Our production facilities will remain closed from 1.8.21 until 23.8.21. Orders placed from 20.7 and while we are away, will be processed as soon as we get back, keeping a strict first-in-first-out policy. Our live chat service will also be disabled, if you have any queries - or just want to say hi - please reach out to us via email or social media.

Happy holidays guys, dive safely.

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