We all love fiddling with our equipment, don’t we? Whether it’s wetsuits, spearguns, or even simpler things, such as diving knives, we want to get our hands on them and imprint our personal touch. After all, looks go a long way in life. It’s not all about aesthetics though. Sometimes, we can customize freediving and spearfishing equipment to fit our needs better.

The Footpocket Hack

We have seen plenty of videos and heard a lot of stories about people using heat guns to mold their footpockets. Even though we haven’t tried it ourselves and, honestly, have no clue if it works or not, there a few adventurous freedivers who swear by their heat guns. How does this work? The guys from Bad Fish in Taiwan show us the way.

"Today we're going to be talking about a footpocket hack that you can use in case the footpockets or the fins you purchased are slightly too tight for you or uncomfortable. This is a DIY hack, so this is not backed by the manufacturer, so approach it with caution. We'd like to show you this option just in case you really need to do something about your footpockets. We're going to be using a heat gun on my Alchemy fins with Pathos Fire Blade foot pockets that we're going to be molding to my feet.

We have a bucket of water, the heat gun, my neoprene socks which I use to dive with, and of course the fins that we're gonna be adjusting. The reason why we have water is that after we heat the foot pockets, we're gonna put some water on them to allow them to cool and shape onto my feet. From time to time, you need to check on the foot pocket and make sure it's not too soft. Just by pressing it a little bit, you can feel the foot pocket softening and then from there you just check if it's okay to put in the feet back again and then throw some water in to cool it down".

Let's See If This Works - Proceed At Your Own Risk!