For some, spearfishing is only to be practiced in deep waters, or at open sea, hunting “difficult” species or trophy fish. What a load of nonsense! Shallow spearfishing is one of the best activities out there, easy, chilled, and with fewer risks. When that’s combined with a delicious prey, then that’s a day well spent.

Alchemy partner Key West Waterman hit the shallows in search of dog snappers and lobsters. Check out how to find and hunt these awesome tasting guys!

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"It is April, the water's clear, but quite frankly there's not a lot to spear, so I'm gonna target a fish that kind of doesn't get enough credit for how delicious it is, and honestly not a lot of people talk about them. We're going to target dog snappers today and in my opinion, dog snapper is one of the best out of the shallow water snappers, right up there with mangrove. So I’m gonna show you where they are, how I’m hunting them, and all that good stuff.

Dog snappers are the “grouper” of the snapper family, they like being in holes, they like hiding. You'll see them darting in and out of holes a lot, so a lot of it is hole hunting with a flashlight. They're very territorial and in some of the videos, you'll notice that once I find where they are, I'll go down and lay on the bottom and I'll just wait, because I know they're going to come back out eventually. They're very curious, sometimes grunting helps a little bit, but those are just some tricks to hunt them. There are a ton around, a lot of people pass them just because they simply don't see them or they don't really know how to hunt them".

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