Nantawut Boonrubsub, aka Woody, is a professional, renowned Thai actor. When Woody isn’t working for TV or cinema, he enjoys spending his time below the surface of the water by being an avid freediver and spearo. Here are 4 things you should know about him!

He Got Into The Sport During A Snorkelling Trip In Phuket

"During that day I saw a freediving team dive down to 6-10 meters. They stayed in the water for what seemed like ages, diving and taking pictures; I couldn’t believe my eyes! As the days passed, I could not stop thinking about it. My wife prompted me to take freediving lessons and so I did! As an actor, my life is pretty busy. I meet a lot of people, everyone is very loud, things can get pretty hectic. Underwater everything stays absolutely still; that’s where I can hear my heartbeat and find peace".


Via Freediving People Respect The Ocean More

"In the past few years, freediving has become very popular in Thailand and I think that’s good, as most Thai people start to understand that freediving is actually a sports activity. Proper teaching and training are also provided so that recreational freedivers are able to dive more safely. The most important aspect of that is that when people get to see the beauty under the sea, they become more aware of our marine environment and that makes them want to protect the ocean". 


He Missed Receiving An Award Because He Had Planned A Dive

"That was an embarrassment, indeed. The event was meant to start very early in the evening and I was lined up as one of the recipients of the award. I had planned a freediving trip for the next day and had to take a flight that night, so I spoke to the event producer and enquired about the time that the award will be given to the winner - I did not know if I had won or not. He said that it would be around 19.00 and politely asked me to wait. At 19.30 I could not wait any longer, and sort of jumped off to the airport. A few minutes later, the winner was announced. My wife had to go on stage and receive the award for me"!  


He Is Planning To Compete In Korea & Turkey

"There are two competitions that I would like to attend, one in Korea and one in Turkey. I’ve started training for those already. I’d also like to spend 3-6 months training for next year, managing the rest of my time between acting and teaching".

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