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The gang at Florida Freedivers recently reviewed our V3 carbon fins. Being one of the largest retail stores in the US, these guys have tested a lot of fins, and when we say a lot, we mean A LOT! Here's what they had to say about our blades. 

Made For Freediving

"We've done a couple fin reviews in the past and we kind of covered a lot of the different types of fins that are out there. I know we've all three kicked the Alchemy V3 and personally, it's one of my go-to fins, I absolutely love them".

"These fins are, in my opinion, more freediving focused. You can absolutely spearfish with these, I've shot quite a few fish with the Alchemy blades, but they're more so of a freediver focused fin. In my opinion, what makes it more of a freediving fin than a spearfishing fin, is the fact that it is more of a mid flex blade. You can see that the V3 has a lot of flex through the center of the blade, rather than a progressive taper from the back to the tip. What that does is gives you a much bigger bend in the blade when you're kicking them, it allows you to bend the blade itself a little bit easier, so you're going to get a little bit more performance out of the blade itself, as far as efficiency goes. The harder you kick them, the more power you get out of them generally, depending on the stiffness and that kind of thing".

Quality At Its Best

"One of the things that I loved, a year and a half kicking these fins, for me at least, is I tend to pigeon toe quite a bit and so my fins will kind of roll in and these tend to have a little bit more rotational bend too, so it's more forgiving, whereas other fins are not that forgiving in that regard".

"The Alchemy blades themselves feature extremely high-quality manufacturing process, the attention to detail on these blades is second to none honestly. It makes these guys super crazy strong, no matter which way you fold up and that's the beauty of modern composites. One thing I always tell people is whether it's fiberglass or carbon fiber,  the product is only as good as the manufacturing process and the Alchemy's are probably one of the best as far as manufacturing goes".

How To Choose The Right Carbon Fins
For Freediving And Spearfishing

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