Alchemy athlete and -110m freediver, Jonathan Sunnex is hitting the Mayan cenotes in Mexico soon and is currently planning a training camp for all interested parties. Here's what he wrote on Facebook:

"Join us this October 18-24 in Mexico’s Yucatan province for a very special experience. For the first time, I will be running a Freediving Training Camp in some of the most amazing underwater environments on Earth, in some of the lesser known and most amazing Cenotes! I have teamed up with one of Mexico’s finest Freedivers, Pablo Marti, to teach you the techniques that have helped me reach 110m/360ft in depth and help dozens of athletes to set more than 70 national, continental and 7 world records. We will combine learning with exploration in a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience"!

Interested? Get in touch with Jonathan here.

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