Roni Essex Freediver, Spearo, Creator
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The boys are back at the Mariana Islands kicking their Alchemy S30 carbon fins! A few months after the video release of their first trip, they embarked on a second adventure, enjoying 4 days of spearfishing mayhem!

In their own words: "Man these northern islands are the coolest places ever! We are super fortunate to live only a small sail away from these pristine places. We strive to leave the smallest footprint possible when spearfishing here. All species taken are listed as “least concern” on the IUCN red list and threatened species are never targeted or taken. The fish are just a bonus really. The most important part is the adventure with your bros and I’d like to thank the man with the plan @mount0cean for making it all happen and inviting me on this one. As usual it was a blast"!


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