Enter the world's deepest freediving pool; Italy's Y-40. Just half an hour away from Venice, Y-40 is a diver's dream come true, as besides being the deepest, it is also the first and only facility with thermal water!

Here's a sneak peek in one day of the life of Timo Niessner, freedive instructor and content creator, training in, well, heaven!

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The dream of a boy passionate about diving gives life to Y-40 The Deep Joy. Since the 1980s, the young Emanuele Boaretto shared with his father Giuseppe his first idea.

An idea born in the family business, the Hotel Terme Millepini, where he thought to create a deep pool for free and scuba divers with Euganean thermal water, that would allow to practice underwater activities even in winter.

A childhood dream he reconsidered around 2010, when the international crisis forced the Euganean Spas to make daring and far-sighted entrepreneurial choices in order to maintain the goals of tourist business. So, the architect Emanuele Boaretto, began to plan his dream at the foot of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, and built it within an exact year.

On the 05th of June 2014, in Montegrotto Terme, Padua, half an hour from Venice, the deepest pool in the world, Y-40 The Deep Joy, opened and became the first and only facility for divers with thermal water.

A project and realization completely Italian, with the contribution of expert professionals in the underwater disciplines and the integration of ideas and experiences verified with the final users through focus groups and meetings.

A facility open every day for 11 months a year, also thanks to the temperature of the thermal water (32°/34°C), which allowed to de-season free and scuba diving in Europe and made it possible for everyone to practice such activities at any time of the year.

The Guinness® World Record on the opening day, June 5 2014, recognized it as the deepest pool in the world.

Fun Facts

  • 365 days to build the world deepest pool (02.05.2013 > 01.05.2014)
  • 30 Italian factories involved in this project
  • 600 people who worked at the building
  • 4 engineering teams
  • 9 days to fill up the pool

Source: Y-40

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