The second episode of our new "In For The Kill" spearfishing series has just landed! Follow the Alchemy Spearfishing Team on an adventurous, action-filled hunt around the world, whether it is deep pinnacles or uninhabited islands, shallow murky waters or haunting drop offs! See them explore uncharted territories, harvesting different species and utilizing different techniques with the finest equipment available. Second stop; Aegean Sea in Greece and Maldives, in search of a Labrax,
a Bluefin Trevally and a Goldblotch Grouper.

Featuring: Lambros Siadimas (GR)
Shaffan Rasheed (MV)

Antonis Mantzakos (GR)

Edited by Roni Essex

Kingdom Come by Theevs
Last Night by Theevs
The Good Life by Theevs
Speed Racer by FASSounds

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