Carlos Negrete
Freediver - Instructor - Creator

Carlos Negrete

Freediving since 2015, Carlos Negrete dedicates his life to water, hopping around the world providing high quality freediving education, training and capturing unique places, animals and people through his lens.

 Carlos grew up in Guanajuato, a hilly and far from water state, located in the middle of México, where he first practiced Korean martial arts since the age of 3 from his father, eventually dedicating his life to international competitions and martial art education, injuries found their way and after university, moved into the entertainment & communication business working with the native music industry, after overcoming fighting related injuries, by chance, he found freediving in the cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula in México, immediately rewiring his energy, focus and will, plus this meant pain-free movement and progress. His former land photography hobby transformed into an UW photographic passion.

In 2017 he became a freediving instructor in the world class school Freedive Dahab, Egypt.

 With his first passion being teaching and coaching, this allowed him to teach and share the underwater bliss in iconic locations like Japanese/Okinawan hidden islands, the Egyptian Red Sea, Indonesian waters, Philippine sea-lakes and of course the Mexican Cenotes.

With a usual sense of adventure and geographical expansion, he is constantly sharing and spreading the freediving culture with hundreds of students from around the world. Alongside his teaching passion he finds UW Photography a powerful tool to promote and admire the world’s underwater treasures.