Kostas Kalamaras
Freediver - Instructor - Creator - Spearo

Kostas Kalamaras

Kostas grew up in Athens, Greece and spent most of his childhood summers on the island of Mykonos, in his parents' house next to the sea. He is best known for his unique style of underwater filmmaking on a single breath of air and on hands-free equalization technique which makes him one of the very few freedivers being able to make underwater videos of an outstanding quality. For years he collaborated with many fishing and freediving magazines, such as ''Deep Magazine'' and ''Boat and Fishing''. In 2012, he cooperated with Discovery Channel shooting underwater videos for the show "What happens next''. His work has been published in various outlets since then.


2005 International Freediving Advanced Dive Response Clinic in Sweden
2006 1st place in Greek National Championship (CNF)
2007 International Scientific Conference for the Apnea Training under the auspices of Apnea Academy in Lignano Sabbiadoro
2009 He cooperated with the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science of the University of Athens about a research on apnea utility as part of a training plan for different sports
2009 2nd place in CWT discipline in AIDA Cyprus Depth Games
2010 He became a freedive instructor of Apnea Academy in Sharm-el-Sheik having Umberto Pelizzari as his tutor. Feeling the necessity of continuous improvement, in March 2010 Enrolled in the Medic First Aid International School for freedive instructors.
2011 2nd place in FIM discipline in AIDA Hellas Summer Apnea Games
2013 3rd place in STA discipline in AIDA Hellas Pool Championship
2016 Became an Aida International Judge.