Jeffrey Bernus
Marine Biologist - Scuba Diver - Freediver - Underwater Photographer - Spearo

Jeffrey Bernus

Jeffrey is a marine biologist, scuba diver, freediver, underwater photographer, and spearfisherman. Growing up in the Caribbean gave him the opportunity to be in the water almost every day and develop a passion for the ocean that he would call home. With over 3000 dives, he experienced year after year the impact of humans on the ocean. In 10 years some amazing reefs became a cemetery, his second home was decaying little by little, and no one would do anything to stop it. Protecting his ocean-home became a mission for him so he studied marine biology all over the world. From veterinary school in France to Coral Ecology in Guadeloupe, he even faced the cold weather of Canada to learn more about sustainable development.
When he is not dedicating his life to protecting marine life, he spends time doing underwater photography. His pictures would be published in many journals and win several prizes around the world. Spearfishing is for him a sustainable way to keep eating a fish that you can select according to the site, the size, the reproduction cycle, and the protection status without any bycatch. He is always there for others, with already 9 friends saved from blackouts. 
Realizing the need for the protection of whales and dolphins that are still hunted in some islands of the Caribbean or impacted by other human threats, he co-founded and leads the Caribbean Cetacean Society ( This NGO is dedicated to the protection of cetaceans by helping the islands to cooperate, complete the lack of data with research, and change the future generation with education. He is now leading the biggest program in the Caribbean and completing scientific expeditions for the first time around many islands. 
Jeff will always get involved where everybody would doubt and stop. From diving at -95m to facing extreme sea conditions to completing cetacean research, nothing will stop him from protecting the ocean he calls home.