Finn Snow
Freediver - Creator - YouTuber

Finn Snow

Adventure explorer from the land of the north Reykjavik Iceland. Learned swimming and skiing before walking and hiking mountains as a young kid. From 31 countries to over 200 islands explored at the age of 32. Finnur, known as 'Finn' grew up surrounded by nature which his parents used every opportunity to explore. It's safe to say he got his adventurous spirit from them. He played multiple sports at the same time throughout all his childhood. Until a devastating injury which forced him to stop all sports for the next 10 years.

In 2016 that all came back when he rediscovered the love of sports through the ocean, diving. With a successful social media career he took a meaningful route for conservation. Documenting multiple reefs and islands to bring awareness to dying reefs in the Philippines. Which lead to local Government units to form fisheries unions, protecting areas and funding for reef conservation. Partnered with CURE Foundation in 2017. Using his social media presence he raised funds to build a school for very young girls saved from trafficking all over the Philippines.Today he focuses on creating and exploring beautiful locations through his lens. As well ocean conservation and humanitarian efforts.


First Successful Icelandic Travel Vlogger, 2018
First Documenting Multiple Islands and Communities in Philippines
Building School for CURE Foundation, 2017
Reef Restoration Mantiquin Antique Philippines, 2018
Over 500+ Travel Videos With Over 80 Million Views, 2020
Representing Philippines in New York Times Travel Show, 2019