Lee Jongkee
Freediver - Creator

Lee Jongkee

Lee Jongkee started freediving in 2012 and while steadily receiving freediving training, he began to take an interest in underwater photography. He was already working as a magazine editor, something which got him around a lot of brand and event photographers,  so he started getting more interested, resulting at his first silver award at the RX photo exhibition organized by Sony in 2016.

After visiting Philippines, Dahab, Okinawa, Saipan and Guam to upgrade his underwater photography skills, he won the grand prize at the RX Photo Exhibition in 2017 and became a Special Prize Winner at the Sony Global Photo Awards that year. A couple of years down the line, he won the 2020 Gmaster Photo Exhibition in Korea.


2016 SONY RX silver prize
2017 SONY RX grand prize
2017 SONY Global Special prize winner
2020 SONY Gmaster photo award winner