Keith Ocampo
Freediver - Instructor - NR Holder

Keith Ocampo

Keith Ocampo grew up in Cebu, Philippines, and first dipped his toes in competitive swimming at age 8, preparing him for his triathlete journey years later. He also enjoyed hiking and camping in the tropical wilderness in his homeland. He spent his mid-20s working as a Fire Paramedic. With water as his element, Keith continued challenging himself by becoming a Molchanovs Freedive Instructor, and at the same time performing Medic duties in depth competitions. Last 2022, he founded his school, Ginhawa Freediving

Now based in Manila with little-to-no depth access, Keith focuses his training on pool disciplines. He currently holds the Philippine National Record for Dynamic Apnea No Fins. Focusing on the scientific approach to training, he believes that relaxation, gradual progression, and enjoyment of the dives are the key tenets of this sport.
AIDA Philippine National Record Holder Dynamic Apnea No Fins