Jamie Ryves
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Jamie Ryves

Jamie Ryves was born on a small Island in the South Pacific called Norfolk Island. Over the years since completing high school, he has traveled and lived in various countries for short periods, but the majority of his years have been spent on Norfolk Island. Due to its small land mass, most of his adventures have revolved around the ocean, instilling in him a deep love and respect for its seemingly infinite, vast, and beautiful nature. The boundless learning opportunities within this external and unfamiliar environment have eventually led to a sense of connectedness and unity, where observing the depths of the ocean and its inhabitants becomes a reflection of his inner self.

Jamie's connection to the ocean is strengthened through his practice of freediving, which enables him to observe himself through self-awareness and meditation. His passion for understanding fish behaviors and movements stems from the selective and sustainable nature of spearfishing. By being able to choose the fish he needs to support and nourish his family, he develops a strong enthusiasm for expanding his knowledge in this area.

If Jamie could contribute anything to the practice of freedive spearfishing, he would aspire to inspire divers to ethically and consciously approach their interactions with fish of any species. He encourages divers to carefully consider shot placement and only take a shot when all circumstances align towards the highest likelihood of successfully landing the fish, particularly when dealing with powerful and significant species like Dogtooth.

Currently, Jamie resides in Vanuatu with his family, where he holds dual citizenship to maintain a connection both to his birth island and his current home. In Vanuatu, he not only supports his family through spearfishing but also by guiding guests on freediving and spearfishing adventures. Based in Port Vila, he explores the waters around Efate Island and the Northern "Shepard" Islands, where an abundance of marine life and pristine environments await his exploration, far exceeding what could be experienced in a single lifetime.

Jamie is thrilled to be invited to join the Alchemy team and eagerly looks forward to contributing by sharing stories of his learning and experiences, as well as showcasing the captivating imagery he captures while pursuing his beloved activities.