Sofía Gómez Uribe
Freediver - WR & NR Holder

Sofía Gómez Uribe

Sofía Gómez Uribe was born in Pereira, Colombia on April 15th 1992. She studied in the Inmaculado Corazón de María school where she graduated with honors in the year 2008. Since she was 10 years old, she has been practising underwater sports. She started as a Synchronized swimmer, which she practiced for a year and in 2002, started her life as a Finswimmer, sport that she would practice until 2014. After graduating highschool, she moved to Bogotá and then to Medellín, where she continues living,  to study Civil Engineering and to continue finswimming.

Since 2009 she competes for Antioquia and even though she wasn't born there, she feels she is an "antioqueña de corazón".
Sofía started training and competing freediving in 2011, when, almost by accident she descovered her passion for the sport. 

Since then she has had outstanding performances in both national and international freediving competitions, reaching first places and obtaining more than 6 national récords. She now holds 3 Pan American and 1 South American records, in pool and depht freediving. 

Apart from being a sucsessful freediver, Sofía is also a Civil Engineer, degree she achived last year, graduating from the Universidad de Medellín. 


2016, First place in the Caribbean Cup Competition, in Roatán Honduras
89m CWT
82m FIM
60m CNF (Southamerican Record)

2016, First Place Vertical Blue, in Long Island, Bahamas
93mCWT Third Place and Pan American Record
82m FIM Pan American Record 
84m FIM First place and Pan American Record 
58m CNF Third place and South American Record  

2015, Fourth place in the World Ranking

2015, Second Place in the competition Big Blue in La Paz, Mexico
55m CNF First Place and South American Record
78m FIM Second place and South American Record 
75m CWT South american Record
81m CWT Second Place and South American Record

2015, Fourth place in Vertical Blue
51m CNF SOuth American Record
70m FIM South American Record
72m CWT 

2014, Fourth Place Caribbean Cup: 3 National Records                           

45m CNF
60m CWT
56m FIM

2014, First Place and Pan American Record in the Pan American CMAS Pool Competition: 195.76m DYN  
2014, First Place in the II Juegos Bolivarianos de Playa of Huanchaco, Perú

2013, Second Place in the Caribbean Cup, 3 National Records
-35m CNF
-50m CWT
-55m FIM

2012, Second place in the Panamerican Freediving competition in Cali, Colombia 156m DYN 
2012, Juegos deportivos nacionales, First Place 4x3000 Finswimming
2011, International Competition in Cuba, First Place 162m DYN
2010, I Juegos FEDECAS, National Record 89m DNF
2010, I Juegos FEDECAS 150m DYN2008, Junior World Championship, Third Place 4x200 Finswimming
2008, Juegos Deportivos Nacionales Third Place 4x200 , 4x100. Fourth Place 400m  Finswimming

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