Marese Secades
Freediver - NR Holder - Instructor

Marese Secades

Marese started Freediving formally in 2016 and left the corporate world to pursue depth in the water and in life. As one of the pioneers of Freediving in the Philippines, her work and influence have been significant in the growth of Freediving in the country. A freediving instructor, Marese founded Apnea Philippines Freediving Center in multiple locations across the country, such as Batangas, Dumaguete, and Bohol, where they offer training, courses, and freediving events with over a thousand students both foreign and local under her wing. As a trailblazer in this industry, Marese has also been featured in local and international media such as Business Mirror, National Geographic, a  Netflix series called Homegame, Philippine Inquirer, and Discovery Channel UK, and has the support of brands such as Seiko Prospex, Prana Freediving gear, Alchemy Hellas, Lobster Freediving and Trudive wetsuits. And now, as her most important and innovative achievement to date,  she has launched MARESESECADES.COM to bring Freediving to the world in the comfort of your own home to encourage reliable, safe, and professional freedive training.



2022 | Panglao Depth Championships: Champion women’s category
2022 | National record constant weight Bi-fins 57 meters
2022 | National record constant weight Monofin 60 meters
2020 | AIDA Manila Pool Open 2nd place overall women's category & competition organizer
2019 | Philippine Depth National Championship: National record Constant weight monofin 59m
2019 | Freedive Panglao Staff Competition Static: National Record 5:04
2018 | Panglao staff competition: National record constant weight 42 meters

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