Marese Secades
Freediver - Instructor

Marese Secades

Marese Secades is a Filipina Freediving instructor, 3 time National record holding athlete, mother and founder of Apnea Philippines.

She grew up between Manila where she attends school and spends her summer breaks swimming in the island of Marinduque where her connection to the sea was ignited. As a child she enjoyed going underwater to hold her breath for as long as she could all the while not knowing that freediving was a thing. In 2016, at 31 years of age, Marese left her corporate career when she fell in love with the sport and art that is Freediving. She then spent the next 2 years mastering her craft on the islands of Cebu, Bohol and Bali. 

She has been hooked ever since and this can be seen through her underwater videos and photos. Marese, has also been featured in local and international media such as Business Mirror, National Geographic, a  Netflix series called Homegame and soon to be released, a brand documentary on her life. Marese competes in both depth and pool disciplines.

She started competing in May 2018 with a national record of 42 meters at constant weight but suffered from pneumonia afterwards and took a little break, she was able to bounce back even better and in feb 2019 she bagged the static National record of 5:04 and a few months later the deepest Constant weight dive to 59meters. Secades is the deepest Filipina freediver to date. 

As a freediving instructor she founded, Apnea Philippines that offers trainings, courses and freediving events around the country. She has trained nearly a thousand new freedivers with her school and  freediving community that promotes the growth of the sport and was able to organize and at the same time compete in its first Aida sanctioned pool competition, the Manila pool open in Jan 2020. In a span of only 4 years and still early into the game, Secades has been one of the top players in the Philippine Freediving scene. 


Constant weight 42m (Freedive panglao mini comp April 2018)
Static National Record 5:04 (Freedive Panglao static comp Feb 2019)
Constant weight 59m (Philippine Depth Nationals May 2019)
2nd place overall women's category ( Manila pool open Jan 2020)

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