Humoud Alajlan

Humoud Alajlan

His journey began from a young age in Kuwait, when he used the pole spear to hunt giant cuttlefish and crabs. Coming from a family where their heritage revolved around pearl diving and fishing, the ocean's mystery drove him closer to it.

At the age of 10 he managed to achieve his Junior and Advance scuba diving license and at the age of 11 he joined a local sports club and swam competitively until the age of 17. Thereafter, he thrived to finish his bachelor degree in Finance and that’s when he moved to a small town called Oshkosh WI in the USA. There he swam for his team college for 3 years and moving to America was a new experience for him that shaped the person he is today. After he graduated in 2012, he continued pursuing his career in corporate banking in Kuwait, and in 2014 purchased his first ever boat which allowed him to spearfish more on weekends and improve his spearfishing skills.

Humoud also lived in Hawaii for three months to sharpen his diving skills and learn from the best spearos on Big Island whose ancestry was based on spearfishing; that was where he achieved his personal record in freediving - 58M CWT - and trained himself to hunt at depths of 36 meters.

In 2015, after his trip from Hawaii, he heard about a spearfishing tournament in Kuwait, where he signed on together with a team together to compete and won. Later on, we competed in 2017 and scored 1st again, 2018 scored 2nd, 2019 scored 1st.

In 2018, he managed to compete in the toughest pearl diving championship held by Katara in Qatar, where there was over 20 pearl diving teams of the best divers throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Each team had 10 pearl divers which included a scout, and they used to dive with swim trunks which excluded the use of dive suits, masks, snorkels, and fins which reminded them of how their ancestors used to pearl dive before the discovery of oil. They managed to score 1st place.


Kuwait Spearfishing Champions 2015, 2017, 2019
Biggest fish: Yellow Fin Tuna 106Kg, Ascension Island