Shaffan Rasheed
Spearo - Honorary Member

Shaffan Rasheed

Shaffan Rasheed started spearfishing at the age of eighteen in 2013. Back in those days spearfishing was just a way to spend the holidays with his friends and have a good time. Just a couple of boys enjoying the ocean, no GoPros, no fancy equipment and a couple of self-made pole spears. It was all about trying to see who could free dive the deepest and catch the biggest fish. From spending all day in the water, to trying to hunt octopus in the shallows, to diving down to shoot the biggest fish is how he fell in love with the ocean and the sport of spearfishing. Through spear fishing he learned more and more about the Maldivian waters and the uniquely beautiful creatures that inhibit it.  

In 2016, Shaffan finished his first free diving course which certified him as a SSI level 1 free diver. By then he was going on freediving and spearfishing trips almost five days a week. By allocating so much time to the sport, he had gotten extremely good at using the pole spear and had started to hunt with spearguns. His favorite fish to hunt has always been the Bluefin Trevally known as Fani Handhi in the Maldivian language. Shaffan remembers that in the beginning, landing a Bluefin Trevally was a challenge, which made it all the more fun. As he enjoyed the challenge, landing a Bluefin Trevally was always a great satisfaction.

Shaffan believes that spearfishing is a lot more than just shooting a fish. It is about discipline of the spearfisher as well as the knowledge they acquire through practice and most importantly, the implementation of those skills while shooting the fish.

“The best part about spearfishing is being able to share the catch with my friends and family. I hope to pass on my knowledge and the lessons learnt about this beautiful sport to many generations to come.”

Shaffan was the first non-Greek person to join the Alchemy spearfishing team. He sadly passed away in September 2020, doing what he loved. He will be dearly missed and never forgotten.