Kim Jeongseon
Freediver - Instructor

Kim Jeongseon

Kim started freediving during 2012 in Korea. As at the time very little was known in Korean about freediving, she started running a blog that conveyed important information such as freediving theory, training methods & equipment. In the years to come, she formed three training teams and worked as a leader in order to be able to travel more and freedive around the planet. So far, she has traveled to 15 countries and participated in more than 10 competitions. Her journey is still in progress.


2016 Panglao Depth Challenge CWT NR
2019 Mactan STA Comp
2019 Dahab Apnea spring comp
2019 AIDA Blue Ocean Depth Comp
2019 AIDA Depth World Championship
2019 AIDA Cyprus Depth Game CWT 2nd
2019 Blue Element

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