Asaki Okada
Freediver - Instructor

Asaki Okada

Growing up in the middle of Japan, Asaki first developed skills in different sports like snowboarding, tennis and skiing besides other artistic skills like violin and piano lessons, quickly learning and moving on to the next challenge. Seasonally Asaki would spend time at Gifu, where she would help her family’s beekeeping activities.

After University, she moved to Okinawa and eventually left Japan to travel for several years, going in deep into Balinese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian and all kinds of Asian cultures and traditions, eventually discovering Freediving in one of her travels in the Philippines, she felt a big call from the Sea. Asaki developed advanced Underwater skills soon, and dedicated her life to guide people around Okinawa’s pristine Islands.

Eventually Asaki became a Freediving Instructor and decided to spent her life training and teaching in Irabujima (Irabu Island), Okinawa, where she founded her freediving school Freedive Irabu.

Asaki is well known for her graceful way of flowing through water, for her is just the way of connecting with the Sea, but under the eye of most Underwater Photographers, capturing her underwater is a whole spectacle. Some of her favorite spots for training and exploring are Okinawa, Philippines, Egypt and Mexican Cenotes.


AIDA Freediving Instructor

Founder of Freedive Irabu

Collaborations with Award Winning UW Photographers